Pharrell signs deal with Microsoft

Rapper Pharrell has signed a deal to join on microsoft’s new advertising campaign. THe 300 million dollar campaign will feature celebrities Pharrell, Eva Longoria, and Deepak Chopra. In return for signing Pharrell, Microsoft is dropping comedian Jerry Seinfeld who has been in their ads on tv for a couple weeks. The ads are being pulled because of a luke warm response.

Thank god! I saw these ads and thought they were weird, boring, and just plain dumb. No young people really care about Jerry Seinfeld and he doesnt connect with the youth of america. He is very funny, but we do not connect with him like we will with these new celebrities. He’s an icon from a generation above us, and its about time microsoft started targeting our generation who will be buying their products. It is imperative that microsfot appear hip and cool to compete with apple, who appears to be gaining ground in the youth of america. If we buy apple products now, chances are weill will buy them in the future. Microsoft needed to pull this to secure our generation as buyers of their product for the future.

This is also a great thing for the hip hop world. Pharrell is a great person, rapper, and designer and him getting more national exposure and signing deals with huge corporate giants such as microsoft helps eveyone out immensley. This is great news, and microsoft will no doubt continue to do things to attempt and and appeal to their most important consumers, us. Pharrell has got himself in a great position and has opened the door for other rappers who may come to influence companies across america and abroad.

It also means that the hip hop world has taken a front seat in american culutre. A huge company like microsoft analyzes everyhting in their marketing campaings because they pump so much money into them, and they have so much riding on them. Sigining Pharrell was not an over night decision, but a calculated attempt to connect with the youth of america and fans of hiphop. Microsoft has realised the importance of gaining young buyers or knows that it will eventually lose a battle to companies offering more to young buyers.

So what to expect? I expect that this campaign will be a brilliant success. I expect more microsoft products that attempt to woo us into buying their product. I also see this as a growing trend, with more rappers becoming a important part of the corporate world. and dont call them sell outs or traiters. What they are doing is promoting hip hop in a positive way, and more importantly, they are making bank while doing it. THe extra cash will help them develop themselves even more and become even more sucessfull. Hip Hop is taking over! the country is shifting from appealing to our parents to appealing to us. It doesnt end with microsoft. Everything will change, eventually. Retailers will take a page from this. heck even grocers will take a cue from this. change is coming, and it looks good.


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